Eric LaFleur Helps Mortgage Officers Find Referrals and Fill their Pipelines

Eric LaFleur of Prospect Engine finds your ideal client and engages them with custom messaging to help you book more appointments. Prospect Engine is a LinkedIn lead generation company designed by loan officers, for loan officers.

They automate the process of finding and engaging new referral partners on LinkedIn, customizing your messaging and delivering it to thousands of prospects every month, resulting in positive responses directly to your inbox.

By managing the LinkedIn accounts of their clients, they create a targeted list of prospects that meet your criteria, they invite those prospects to connect with you on LinkedIn, and once they do, they walk them through a 7-step sales funnel to drive them to a phone conversation with you.

Eric LaFleur is the CEO/Founderr of Prospect Engine. Eric is an experienced Mortgage Lender looking to help other Mortgage Professionals.


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Monday, February 10, 2020