Marvin Kane Wants Small and Mid-Sized Companies to Get the Attention They Derserve

While working in marketing back in the late 90's, Marvin Kane wondered why only the big companies with huge marketing budgets were getting attention. What about the small and mid-sized companies? What about companies just like yours? This gaping hole, and Marvin’s entrepreneurial spirit became the impetus for the formation of Kaneworks.

Since launching Kaneworks in 2000, Marvin has worked with dozens of businesses to establish and enhance their identity on the web. He combines his creative talent with his technical expertise to produce unique sites that stand out. There are no cookie cutters here, just good, original designs and SEO that help companies get customers.

Kaneworks is a content development, website design and SEO company located in Salem, Massachusetts. The websites we design for their clients don’t wait to be discovered — they introduce themselves.

And oh …  he’s fun to work with too.


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Monday, August 20, 2018