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Hi Neighbor, 

The term "new normal" has recently been an overused buzzword, but it is unfortunately, quite relevant. We here at CGI have recognized this and are poised now more than ever to offer some great capabilities.


1. Many of you have logged onto one or more of the Foley & Foley webinars we have sponsored. We can offer direct access to their legal triage program as well as some helpful "return to work" toolkits. The laws are constantly changing so having this team on your side will be invaluable. Here is the link for the next webinar:

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2. Our proprietary financial mechanism, Contributory Funding Arrangement, or CFA is a tool that allows significant premium savings with, often times, little to no disruption in your benefit offerings. In fact, it can increase the offerings and value. Now more than ever financial flexibility without slashing benefits is key to our collective economic recovery.


3. Rate Efficiency Analysis is another financial strategy that models your contribution strategy in a more strategic manner offering additional funding with low disruption. Many of the country's leading organizations employ this strategy so let us help you explore that opportunity.


4. The CGI "CynrGI" solution provides a true single source provider beyond the traditional brokerage offerings. By utilizing our in house payroll, benefits administration, FSA/DCA, and COBRA services you will save substantial administrative fees and receive increased customer service efficiency. Pair this with our Busines Insurance, Workers Compensation, and 401(k)/403(b) capabilities and we can truly be a single source provider.


These concepts are some of the enhancements we are proud to offer to our clients and would love a chance to discuss with you. We can offer the above financial modeling strategies as well as the Foley & Foley capabilities at no cost to you. Our only ask is that you allow a short presentation, either in person when safe, or via Zoom/Webex, etc. I promise that this discussion will be short, concise, and well worth your time investment. 


If you are interested you can always shoot me a note. Otherwise, I will follow up with a call/e-mail of my own as I am craving more social interaction:)


Hope everyone is safe and healthy. Be in touch soon!




Ryan D. Rourke

Senior Advisor

 CGI Business Solutions

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Tuesday, May 12, 2020