PR Opportunities You Should Always Take Advantage Of

Free publicity should never be turned down. However, there are plenty of business owners who might not be the best at recognizing an opportunity for some of that sweet PR that drives up your business’s reputation, its brand awareness and, in turn, the revenue built. Here are some of the PR opportunities that you should be willing to both recognize and create from scratch.


Making An Impression At A Business Event

Remember, if we want to get to know a brand, and we want to recognise their image, we need to see their logo, name, or message about 5 times (and preferably 7 times) before we think about buying with them. Keep this rule to heart if you’re thinking your branding efforts are a bit too much, or that you’ll be annoying anyone attending the event with you. 

Blog Post from Vern Hydorn of NBM - 2020 2.0

It’s no stretch to say that the last 90 days have been the most unique and challenging in my 30+ year career at NBM. NBM remained open when the rest of New England closed to ensure our essential customers had field equipment service, remote IT support, and supply fulfillment, especially in the healthcare, law enforcement, legal, and human services sectors

Epic Tips to Make Your Business More Efficient

As a modern business owner, there are so many things you need to account for and keep in mind. It is important to make sure you work on doing as much as possible to focus on making your business better and bringing it out of lockdown, and boosting efficiency is one of the best ways of doing this. Now, the good news for you is that there are so many wonderful ways of being able to make your business more efficient this year.  


Being a Business That Helps People

All businesses should want to help others. Whether it’s offering a unique service to innovating and streamlining operations to make life a little easier, you can find companies that do good all over the world. However, some businesses are more dedicated to doing good and helping people than others. You see this with charities, philanthropy, donations, and causes, and it’s inspiring. It makes business owners from all industries want to do the same.  



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