Being a Business That Helps People

All businesses should want to help others. Whether it’s offering a unique service to innovating and streamlining operations to make life a little easier, you can find companies that do good all over the world. However, some businesses are more dedicated to doing good and helping people than others. You see this with charities, philanthropy, donations, and causes, and it’s inspiring. It makes business owners from all industries want to do the same.  


How to Drive Online Sales in Tough Times

Right now, times are tough and business all over the world in all kinds of different sectors are experiencing a downturn. Given everything that’s been happening in the world, that’s hardly surprising. However, you don’t need to feel down about all this. Online sales are more stable for many businesses though, so it makes sense to focus your attention on this area of your business. Here’s how you can drive online sales better during tough times.

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Bringing Your Business Out Of Lockdown: How You Can Do It Well

Now that a lot of the restrictions are beginning to lift you may be wondering what it is you can do with your business and how you can start to move it forward. The last few months may have been difficult for you when it comes to making money and you may have had to diversify in order to survive. But now you can start to reprogram your business and move forward. But how can you do this in the right way? Here are some of the things to think about.

Succession Planning by Attorney Jeremy Bombard

Every business owner should have a succession plan in place.  Especially with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the business owner should rethink how they would handle an end-of-business situation (e.g., you cannot work due to disability, illness, or death.)  A business owner should have an exit strategy in place and should revisit that plan every time the business evolves


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