Tom Libby of Smarketing CONNECT Helps Businesses Build Successful Sales and Marketing Programs

Tom is a seasoned Sales VP and Business Development Executive. He is a Co-Founder of the SmarketingInstitute.Org (Smarketing CONNECT). Over the past 18 years Tom has developed his management, leadership, and sales skills in diverse industries and includes experiences in startups, small companies up to and including fortune 500 companies. He has received numerous awards and accolades during his career.

Dr. Heather DiRocco Knows First Hand That Chiropractic Care Works

Dr. Heather graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 2010, and opened Connected Life Chiropractic in Tewksbury, MA in 2012. Growing up Dr. Heather was an avid athlete playing many sports and often suffering from low back pain. After a variety of options offered no relief she found herself in a chiropractic office, immediately experiencing a positive friendly environment and a different approach to taking care of her health.


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