Are you interested in smaller more focused networking events?

Are you interested in smaller more focused networking events? We will be hosting events in Dracut Ma, Salem NH and Windham NH, these events will focus on the Financial / Professional Services, Real Estate, Marketing and Health industries. If you would like to attend please email me at

Why Your Social Media Campaigns Aren't Working

Why Your Social Media Marketing Doesn't Get Results

When I work with small business social media campaigns, I’m often surprised to hear that the manager or owner has such clear focus of what they want to achieve from a social standpoint, but has little concern with their website in the overall plan. It seems that while many small businesses undoubtedly understand the need for social to reach out to their audience, they don’t realize that their website is one of the main tools used in creating an effective social campaign.

Top Three Places to Find Social Media Content

Almost weekly I'm asked by a client or follower where the best place to find information to post on social sites can be found.

While some of this varies according to your social media strategy (e.g. are you trying to promote products, entertain, provide news or offer customer service via your social channel?), there are three places where I advise that you can always find great content to post...

Why You Need the Red Headed Stepchild of Social Networks


If you use social media, you probably use Facebook. Maybe you even Tweet once in a while, or if you're super-techy, you use Google+. 

But my bet is that although most of the people reading this have a LinkedIn profile, there is a but a handful that login more than once a month. And that is unfortunate. Because if you're in the B2B space, LinkedIn is the most valuable social media platform available to you. 


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