Top Three Places to Find Social Media Content

Almost weekly I'm asked by a client or follower where the best place to find information to post on social sites can be found.

While some of this varies according to your social media strategy (e.g. are you trying to promote products, entertain, provide news or offer customer service via your social channel?), there are three places where I advise that you can always find great content to post...

Why You Need the Red Headed Stepchild of Social Networks


If you use social media, you probably use Facebook. Maybe you even Tweet once in a while, or if you're super-techy, you use Google+. 

But my bet is that although most of the people reading this have a LinkedIn profile, there is a but a handful that login more than once a month. And that is unfortunate. Because if you're in the B2B space, LinkedIn is the most valuable social media platform available to you. 

Mastering Your Marketing Funnel with Social Media

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Social media has changed the way we sell. Even if you are selling the same products or services you sold 10 years ago, the way you acquire leads, interact with prospects and follow up after a sale has all changed.

The key to building a successful brand and sales strategy in the social media age is having a solid social media marketing plan. My presentation below outlines some considerations that you should think about as you develop your sales strategy.

For more ideas, or to find out how you can best apply these philosophies to your plan, contact me today. 

Managed Print Services Strategy from Northern Business Machines

A common concern among organizations looking to cut costs is that reducing expenses also will reduce their office’s efficiency and productivity. 

NBM’s Managed Print Services strategy allows you to lower the cost of your printer expenses without negatively impacting your productivity.  We do this by optimizing your office printing environment.  Our typical customer sees a reduction of 20-30% in printer  expenses.

Meet the Merrimack Valley Sandbox

The Merrimack Valley Sandbox is all about entrepreneurs! We know that folks out there have great business and non-profit ideas and we want to help them take it to the next level!

We work with youth, student, and adult entrepreneurs. If you have a great business or non-profit idea , come play in the Sandbox!

We just launched a new Pitch Contest Series where any entrepreneur can share their idea for:


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