Looking for a Business Owner to help Product Test.

Ruta Group, a start-up consulting firm that helps small and medium-sized businesses increase profitability through a holistic, results-based approach, is looking for a business owner to use as a learning tool for our new Customer Acquisition Manager. We want to go through the sales cycle with a real prospective client as a training module unbeknownst to our sales rep. In exchange for about four hours of your time, Ruta will provide this individual with:

Get the Shipping Refunds You Deserve

The RCS approach is focused on offering package cost containment services to virtually any sized company, regardless of number of employees, packages sent, or diversity of facilities.

The packages that you ship using FedEx® and UPS® are guaranteed to arrive on time or you are owed a shipping refund.  You can sign up for this cloud-based turnkey solution (nothing to install) in about 3 minutes and we manage the entire service. 

Keep insurance in mind.

When we hire a plumber, electrician or general contractor we make sure they are properly insured to protect ourselves and the investment we have made in our property. The same should go for Sign installers. What happens if a sign falls down or heaven forbid, hurts someone. Just because someone says they can install a sign doesn't mean they are qualified to or adequately insured to do so.

Networking Success Story - Darlene Boag - Sylvester Electric

Networking events are new experiences for me. They are exciting, challenging and have become profitable in several ways. Most of my business career I rarely ventured out of the office. I have over 30 years of expertise in technical product/ sales/client service support/ human resource/ accounting and administrative experience. It's not the 1990's anyone........Networking is a noun, as well as a verb and is such an important skill to develop in today's market place. Feeling more comfortable about how I present my best self , my employer and how my business, can be of service to you, is crucial to develop. I have learned so much these past 10 months as a member of Friend's of Kevin. First mentally.. what goes around I believe does come around.... Pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone, to attend, participate, engage, observe and witness, that I am not the only one that finds this valuable skill challenging. Only by being open to making the time to attend and then show up! .


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