Amy Feinerman Has a Passion To Help People Through Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It would be most accurate to say that acupuncture treats disorders of Qi, Blood and Moisture, and disturbances of the Organ Networks - but this does not correspond to the Western vocabulary of named diseases and conditions. Acupuncture may be helpful for withdrawal from addictions such as sugar, coffee, cigarettes, alcohol. and cocaine, and also for stress reduction, post surgical recovery, chronic fatigue, the signs of aging, and decreased immunity. 

Atty Christa Emerson is a Dedicated Advocate for Individuals With Disabilities

The Law Office of Christa Emerson handles a variety of cases, with a focus on Real Estate Conveyancing, SSDI/SSI, Short-term and Long-Term Disability and Consumer Bankruptcy. Attorney Emerson is a compassionate and dedicated advocate for individuals with disabilities. Prior to entering private practice, Attorney Emerson served as a case manager for disabled individuals. Her approach is tailored to each client's individualized needs.

Nehcole Felix Helps Small Businesses and Micro Businesses Grow

Nehcole Felix, Founder of Felix Consulting Co believes All business, if done properly, is a labor of love, care and consideration. Nehcole wants to help you to reinforce these values within your business. Felix Consulting Co. offers a variety of services that can positively effect the productivity, operational efficiency and earning potential for any small business.

Will Murphy Wants To Make Sure You Have Funding To Build Your Business

Will Murphy is CO-Founder and COO of Everlasting Capital Corporation. Everlasting Capital Corporation is a national business finance solutions provider, redefining lending and financing by consistently providing outstanding customer experiences and innovative, world-class services. They offer numerous fast and cost effective solutions for all types of businesses and work very hard for you and your business whether you have bad credit, no credit, great credit or you just started your business.


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