Peggy Connolly

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Here For You
19 Lawrence St
Haverhill, MA 01830

I am a patient advocate for seniors who do not have anyone else or no loved ones living close by. I act as an extra set of eyes & ears at doctors visits along with providing safe, reliable transportation to and from appointments. Help coordinate the day to day aspects of senior living including appts at hair salon, barber, nail salon; pick up prescriptions at pharmacy and help sort out medications for the week as well as reconciling medication list on a regular basis. I will do food shopping and can prepare meals ahead for someone alone and not able to cook for themselves. Help with laundry, play a card game, take for a ride. I can also take pet to groomer or vet as needed. I am a Notary Public and am CPR certified. I service the eastern Merrimack Valley area of MA.